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Into the Wire

Documentary: Into The Wire - College Radio in the Internet Age

    A Film written, produced, filmed and edited by Sara Billingsley

    Into The Wire features interviews with Jon Bernhardt (college radio DJ and music scholar), Chris Brokaw (indie musician), Larry Miller (FM Underground pioneer), Len Mailloux (veteran broadcaster and IBS Chair) and David Greene (NPR Car Talk Producer) and many others.

    The documentary explores the current state of College Radio in light of new technologies and the Internet and talks about its seemingly bright future.

    Was honored that Chuck D., a true radio veteran and champion of radio, musicians and art, included Into The Wire on the first incarnation of SLAM TV, the documentary section of SLAMjamz Records' website. [SLAMjamz is the "Official Label of Public Enemy"]: Go to and look under SLAM TV [...scroll down the list til you find "SLAMtv presents Into The Wire -College Radio Documentary".]

    You can watch Into The Wire on YouTube: Go to Into the Wire (Documentary on College Radio)

Interview: Chris Brokaw, Musician

Interview: Irina Baghdasaryan, Piano Instructor and Psychologist

  • Listen to the Irina Baghdasaryan interview 03/18/10 "Two Worlds"
  • Irina Baghdasaryan is the Director of the Komitas Music School in Belmont, Massachusetts. As a native of Armenia, Ms. Baghdasaryan holds both a Masters Degree in Piano Performance from the Yerevan State Conservatory of Music as well as a second Masters Degree in Psychology from the Yerevan State University. We discussed her philosophy on teaching music and what it's like to live and work in two worlds, both personally and professionally.

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